This week at Couloir


Salut Tignes ! Quelle Semaine approche. Beaucoup des événements, comme d’hab – DJs, Live musique, foot, les burgers pour déjeuner, happy hours 2 fois par jour, degustation, et aussi notre restaurant – A bientôt Tignes!
What a week we have for you – all the usual goodies, DJ Nights, LIVE apres music, footy, gourmet lunch burgers, double happy hours, wine and cheese tasting, and of course our fantastic restaurant – See you soon! #Tignes #Djs #Livemusic #Gourmetburgers #Happyhour #restaurant

Cheesecake at Couloir!

couloir tignes cheesecake

Have you tried our very own homemade Cheesecake yet? It’s yummy and the girls are loving it. It’s the Last week open for this wonderful summer in Tignes before closing down for the big winter. – See you soon!

Couloir <3 Tignes


The last few days we are woken up in beautiful sky clouds which slowly disappear as the afternoon comes in! Tignes you are a peace of mind and we are loving every moment of you ❤ Couloir a wonder Tignes concept which brings superb gastronomy in the heart of Val Claret. We are open to the end of August, remember to book in and try out the summer menu before our closing down night… And then we will be waiting for the first snowfall 😉


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Summer in Tignes is all about the outdoor activitet and sport. This summer we have been so lucky with the weather, it’s been calm, warm and a lot of sunburned noses. In the Couloir we are big fans of golf, therefore we decided to have our own Tournament De Couloir for Tignes Golf Club. – ‘In case you didn’t know, Tignes is Europe’s highest golf club’ Here you got some few pictures from a day full of rosé, winners, delicious food and a great party. Hope you like it as much as we do ❤

Summer 2015

couloir pasta couloir burger couloir cheesecake couloir steak tartare and wine

Pictures from our delicious summer menu 2015. This summer you will find a Steak Tartare, Pan Fried Sea Bass, Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle and our famous Cider-Marinated Pork Burger and much more. This summer we are open until end of August 2015 but don’t worry we will be back with the first snowfall.