10407639_1015161131848541_1653896270253725523_n 11036329_1015161338515187_2608628048733289535_n 11049534_1015162038515117_4513753098469223813_n 11170345_1015161331848521_9145409926537861292_n 11695986_1015162115181776_6689808835127330108_n 11737988_1015161978515123_2122759229468391768_n 11742826_1015162251848429_3729904776925437017_n 11745506_1015162181848436_6441692663192241197_n 11751878_1015161225181865_8156301456586502925_n

Summer in Tignes is all about the outdoor activitet and sport. This summer we have been so lucky with the weather, it’s been calm, warm and a lot of sunburned noses. In the Couloir we are big fans of golf, therefore we decided to have our own Tournament De Couloir for Tignes Golf Club. – ‘In case you didn’t know, Tignes is Europe’s highest golf club’ Here you got some few pictures from a day full of rosé, winners, delicious food and a great party. Hope you like it as much as we do ❤

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